To be fair, this winter hasn't been that bad.

I suppose it always depends on who you ask, but generally speaking, this winter hasn't seemed to crazy. The temps haven gotten crazy cold, and the amount of snow that's fallen around these parts could've been much worse. Normally, we'd all be stressed about the lack of snow affecting our water table, but I think the recent rain storms have taken care of it.

Photo by Alvis Taurēns on Unsplash
Photo by Alvis Taurēns on Unsplash

But even with the lack of overall snow, Bangor has certainly had to clear out what we have gotten, including the sidewalks. You may remember last fall, the city was talking about getting some new sidewalk plows and letting kids name them. There were great names like AC Sleeter and Snowie McBlowie. Super fun, right?

The names may be fun, but the plows have put in some serious work.

Everything is always fun and games, until it's time to get the hard work done. And despite the super awesome names kids chose for the plows, they still have a job to do, and that they have done. Crews have been out after all the storms to get the roads and sidewalks clear. What's also cool, is that the city has tracked their mileage.

I wouldn't use the word competition, but it definitely seems like some of the plows are getting more action than others. Poor Snowie McBlowie hasn't even shown up yet, so it's in last place. The Nor'Easter Beaster is in the top spot with almost 430 miles of plowing to its name. Check out the breakdown, according to the city's Facebook page...

Even the city is getting in on the action, by being curious which plow will pack on the most miles. I have to say though... I'd really love to just see them race. How cool would that be? Maybe send them down opposite sidewalks and see who comes out on top? It's not the worst idea...

I wonder if the plows build up those ice chunks in the wheel well? What do you call those things, anyway?

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