It's too bad skunks smell so bad, because they're cute AF.

I've heard stories that you can keep a skunk for a pet, if you have their stink glands removed. I've even heard that you can train them to a litter box, just like a cat. And really, they're just docile little animals that don't really want to do anyone any harm. that's why they smell so bad. So they don't have to do harm.

Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash
Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash

We all know how hard it is to get the stink out of anything and everything. To be sprayed by a skunk, or your pet, is pure hell. Although, if you know the proper remedy, it's not too bad. It involves some patience, and a lot of baking soda. Definitely stay away from the old tomato juice remedy. you'll just smell like skunks and tomatoes.

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This early warm weather is bringing them out everywhere.

Normally, in the winter time you can count on not seeing them for several weeks. The tend when it gets super cold, to huddle up together in small groups, or even solo. They make little hovels lined with leaves and grass and basically sleep the cold weather away. But since skunks can't read a calendar, they don't know it's not April right now.

Maksim Pasko

As far as their little internal radar is concerned, it's time to come out and play! If you look around on social media, you'll already see people talking about it. Some folks have already had run-ins and paid the price. You gotta figure they're extra cranky right now, after having been asleep for weeks and waking up super hungry.

Silly hungry cave man eating ham on the bone

I know I'm cranky in the morning when I'm hungry. It's not likely they'll go back into their dormancy if the temps dip again. They'll be looking to feed and fatten up. It's not like we all interact with them much, but it's always nice to know when they're on the move so pet owners can plan accordingly. Good luck staying un-stinky!

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