Three of Maine's freshwater regions are getting some fine national attention from a nationwide source.

The popular periodical and travel blog, Vacation Idea, recently released an article about the best fishing lakes in the United States. Three of the regions making the list are Maine's own Belgrade Lakes, Sebago Lake, and Cobbosseecontee Lake.

It shouldn't be of surprise for Maine to have such solid representation. The state has always had a good reputation for fishing. And with so many pristine and clean lakes, there continues to be many active habitats that help keep the sport healthy.

Belgrade Lakes is a no-brainer for this list. The Central Maine lakes region is equal parts beautiful and entertaining. There's great hiking, golf, places to stay, and obviously fishing.

Here's a little of what Vacation Idea had to say about Belgrade Lakes.

Here you will find a string of 7 enticing fresh-water lakes of differing sizes. Each of the lakes offers anglers a fun day out with excellent changes of landing a good catch.

The article also mentions that the lakes are home to both smallmouth and largemouth bass, with many also housing trout and perch.

Next on the list is Southern Maine's largest body of freshwater, Sebago Lake. It's also known for being the deepest lake in the state, with some areas deeper than 200 feet.

If you are out on Sebago Lake early, you are bound to see plenty of fishing traffic. Plus, it's a year-round industry on Sebago, with ice fishing being very prevalent.

Here's is some of what Vacation Idea had to say about Sebago Lake.

this mighty body of water has over 105 miles of shoreline and is home to both warmwater and coldwater fisheries. Anglers love Sebago Lake for the variety of fish species and the abundant numbers which are carefully maintained by stocking.

According to Vacation Idea, Sebago Lake is known for its landlocked salmon, trout, bass, and perch (which I have caught in Sebago...woohoo). The variety is impressive, to say the least.

The best way to fish Sebago is to ask a local. I swear that lake has fishing holes that go back for generations.

The last Maine body of water selected for this list is Cobbosseecontee Lake. Just south of Belgrade Lakes, this long stretched lake has been a popular fishing spot for a long time. It's even been nationally recognized before, specifically for its massive largemouth bass population.

Here is a little of Vacation Idea's take on Cobbosseecontee Lake.

Widely known and respected in fishing circles for its largemouth bass populations, Cobbosseecontee Lake in Kennebec County, Maine is a dream destination for a fishing vacation. Conveniently located close to Augusta, the lake attracts many recreational anglers year-round.

The article suggests you hire a fishing guide for your first trip to this popular honey hole. It's also easy to rent equipment and a boat if need be. The lake is practically built for fishing, and the word is definitely out.

These lake regions of Maine are a great representation of fishing in the northeast. While all three of these are wonderful, there are plenty of other spots across the state and New England to enjoy. However, good luck trying to get a Mainer to tell you where that might be. Anglers keep secrets like CIA officers.

Tight lines.

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