Hey, it's springtime in Maine. That means the days are getting longer and better weather (allegedly) is right around the corner.

It also means Maine's wonderful summer attractions have begun to announce opening dates. One of those is Funtown USA in Saco, which is expected to be announcing its opening date soon. This means one of the most iconic songs is about to get a lot of play in Maine.

If you grew up as a Funtown USA regular, I bet I know the classic rock song you're most familiar with. In fact, I guarantee I know. It's a simple answer if you know the name of the song that's playing countless times on a slick ride called 'Astrosphere'.

The song is from the progressive rock band Electric Light Orchestra. The title is "Fire on High", and it absolutely rips.

When I'm at Funtown, I hit the Astrosphere at least twice. That means twice actively listening to the song. However, add that onto the countless trips walking back and forth past the ride. You would probably hear the intro to that song at least 30-40 times.


And that's just one trip. Maybe only during half of the day (I enjoyed the Funtown/Splashtown mix). Imagine you go five to 10 times a year. Or maybe 20 to 30. There's a chance kids have heard at least the opening of "Fire on High" hundreds, if not thousands of times. Talk about brand recognition.

I'm not sure there was another classic rock song during my 10-year 'Funtown USA is boss' phase that I heard more. I'm sure there were a few Beatles and Eagles tunes that got close, but nothing compared to those numbers. I readily admit that this was my first classic rock song love, even if it was mostly in my subconscious.

I know I'm not alone. In fact, my wife is just like me. She grew up in the Funtown region. However, she is so hypnotized by the tune that she simply calls it the "Funtown song". I rest my case.

Here's to another year of rocking out to one of the most epic classic rock songs of our time. I always wonder if ELO's Jeff Lynne knows of this incredible phenomenon. I think he should play a live show inside the ride.

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