How about we jump into some fun Maine history today.

Take a look at this incredible postcard.

Old Photos of Forgotten Maine
Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine

Do you recognize the lighthouse? Is it missing anything?

Well, if you guessed South Portland's Spring Point Light, then you're 100% correct (I mean, it also says it right there on the postcard).

This incredible postcard was shared on the massively popular Facebook group Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine. The date suggested is sometime around 1905.

Now, if you know Spring Point well, you know something rather major is missing. There's an entire breakwater that seems to have disappeared.

We all know what Spring Point looks like. Here is a much more recent photo.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The reason for the lack of breakwater is because the light was built many decades before the massive rocks were laid.

According to the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse Organization, the light was built in the late 1800s due to Portland Harbor's incredible growth. The lamp would be originally lit on May 24, 1897. At that time, there were no plans for a breakwater whatsoever.

Decades would go by before significant improvements would come the lighthouse's way. According to the organization, the first major change was to automate the lamp. That would happen in May of 1934 with an underwater cable running from the mainland.

Finally, in 1951, due to ongoing damage by ice, the Army Core of Engineers would construct the massive breakwater that we have today.

The lighthouse is one of the most popular destinations for both Mainers and tourists, especially when the weather is nice. Walking out to Spring Point Light gives you such an interesting and unique perspective of Casco Bay and the surrounding islands.

It's rather crazy to think that the lighthouse used to sit proudly by itself in the bay. Those lighthouse keepers had a wild job.

Again, a big thank you to the Facebook group Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine. I highly recommend giving them a follow. There's truly some great stuff.

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