As anyone who lives in Maine already knows, the state is an outdoor paradise. It doesn't matter what season or region; Maine is a 365-day playground. So, it should come to no surprise that one of the state's most popular outdoor activities was just nationally recognized.

The popular travel guide Fodors released an article that listed the best trail systems in America for snowmobiling, and one of the 11 selections was in the Pine Tree State. Fodors included the vast and beautiful Katahdin Region in its exclusive list.

New England Outdoor Center via Facebook
New England Outdoor Center via Facebook

One of the state's true crown jewels, the area around Katahdin is an outdoor playground. The four-season region shines in just about every category, including hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, climbing, and of course, snowmobiling.

There are hundreds of miles of trails for sledders to choose from. Some will take you through remote areas, while others bring you in to towns like Millinocket and Patten. The snowmobile clubs in the region even put together an updated map for those who use the trails. It's so quintessential Maine.

New England Outdoor Center via Facebook
New England Outdoor Center via Facebook

It's also not surprising to hear that there are so many clubs in the region. It's an incredibly popular activity in the area, and truly one that is welcomed by all. Here is a little bit more about that from Fodor's article.

...snowmobiling is the favorite winter sport in this region, with local businesses offering snowmobile parking, repair shops, and many organized rides throughout the trails. The area’s trails are well marked and well maintained by dedicated volunteers, thanks to the many snowmobile clubs and the community of enthusiasts.

It's quite a nice writeup from the iconic outdoor site. It's also yet another example of outsiders realizing how special the Katahdin region is.

Congrats to our wonderful state on the national love. As a Mainer, it's easy to feel a sense of pride when it gets recognition, especially when it's well-deserved like this.

Happy sledding, folks. And stay safe out there. Let's hope Mother Nature blesses us with a little more snow to enjoy it.

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