Planning a wedding?  If that's not expensive enough, the honeymoon can be steep, too.

If you're looking into honeymoon ideas, here's some help.  A new survey from experts at has revealed the top honeymoon destinations for each state, and in particular, New England.

I think the results will surprise you.

First of all, the most popular destinations were Bali (Indonesia) and Mexico.  Italy is still on this list as the go-to European destination, and The Caribbean Islands continue to attract couples.

felfin_photo05 via
felfin_photo05 via

Now, let's look at individuals states in the Northeast, specifically New England.

Do you know a couples who's planning a honeymoon?  You might want to give them this list, as these destinations are likely to have newlywed specials.


It's no surprise Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is the top googled honeymoon spot for couples in Connecticut.  Tulum has also become the trendy spot in Mexico for couples. Without a doubt, Mexico is not too far away and usually affordable, even at all-inclusive resorts.

Frank McKenna via
Frank McKenna via  CABO SAN LUCAS


Mainers planning a honeymoon frequently prefer the Caribbean, which is why Antigua is the top honeymoon researched destination in Maine. Belize is another popular option. This country is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, and bordered by Mexico and Guatemala in Central America.

Bogdan Pasca via
Bogdan Pasca via  ANTIGUA


Bay State couples also prefer Mexico, but specifically, Tulum.  Tulum is hot and trendy, and very popular for honeymooners. There are plenty of four and five-star resorts to choose from, and the weather is always fabulous. Beware of hurricane season, which is why the best time to travel to Tulum is November through March.

Spencer Watson via
Spencer Watson via  TULUM

New Hampshire

Who would've thought the most sought-after honeymoon destination for Granite Staters are the Greek Islands, specifically Santorini?  With its stunning whitewashed homes and clear blue water, the Greek Islands are still a bargain once you get there.  Maybe New Hampshire lovebirds have watched Mamma Mia! enough to know that Santorini's relaxing and beautiful.

sourav bhadra via
sourav bhadra via  SANTORINI

Rhode Island

Just south of India in the Arabian Sea is a group of islands called the Maldives. These small and gorgeous islands are the most popular among Rhode Island honeymooners.  Fun fact, it's also the most popular in Alaska, too.

Sebastian Pena Lambarri via
Sebastian Pena Lambarri via   MALDIVES


Couples from the Green Mountain State love the Caribbean, too, but maybe a little further south into the tropics than most.  Saint Lucia is further south than Antigua and closer to South America.  This is the most googled honeymoon destination for Vermonters, as they ditch the cooler temps of the North and head far south into the Caribbean Sea.

Germine Sealy via SAINT LUCIA
Germine Sealy via SAINT LUCIA

The one thing in common with all of these destinations is water.  Honeymooners from New England love ocean and sea spots, as well as warm weather.  That part is a no-brainer.

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