You know when you come across something on the web, and you instantly want to share it with your friends? And from there, that one weird thing leads you to waste hours going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole?

We've all been there. Especially J. Stew and I--we spend a great deal of our day online. And when we come across these little "Web Wonders" as we call them, we always share them with each other.

That got us thinking … Why don't we create a weekly post where we share these post with you, too! It's only fair to make sure that if we're wasting time online, that we're all wasting time together, after all, right?!

And thus, our "JStew & Cori's Weekly Web Wonder" was born.

For our inaugural offering today, we have for you a compilation of Classic Rock covers performed using only guitars, bowls and water bottles. Adam and the Metal Hawks, a group of guys who came together to create this band on Long Island a few years back, have spent a majority of last year quarantined together, creating awesome Rock N Roll.

While they may look young (they range in age from 18 to about 25) they have old rockin souls, and show it with their stripped down performances of some awesome GNR, Ozzy, AC/DC, Queen, CCR, Zeppelin, Aerosmith and even some Nirvana songs. (I mean, you can't really get any more stripped down than guitars and a water-bottle rhythm section. Our resident drummer-extraordinaire, J. Stew, seemed impressed!)

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According to their website, they recognize that folks have spent the last year going stir-crazy. This is their way of using their talents for good. "Addressing your inner anxiety, depression, fear, happiness, confusion Adam and the Metal Hawks is a musical exorcism that takes listeners away from the daily grind and reality. "

I think the thing I liked best about these guys is that they've been doing what we've all been trying to do; make the best of a crappy situation.

So for this week, we wanted to share our Weekly Web Wonder of Adam and the Metal Hawks on Tik-Tok. If you want a sure-fire way to waste some time today, head to YouTube and type in their name. You're welcome!

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