J. Stew & Cori here. We threw out another stumper this morning on today's edition of "What Is That Wednesday?!" where we show you an obscure picture of an ordinary item Cori has in her studio, and have you guess what it might be.

If you remember last week, we showed you this one...

What Is That Wednesday Submission #1

And you sent your best guesses through Facebook and our I95 app...

What Is That Wednesday Answer: A bottle of antacid (generic Tums!)

And it ended up a couple of you successfully guessed it as a Tums container top.

Well, we tried to make today's clue a little trickier.

What Is That Wednesday Clue 4.22.2020 Cori Skall

And let us tell you, there were some great guesses.

A lot of you guessed it was the bottom of something:

Bottom of a transmission pan, bottom of a tap shoe, bottom of an electric pencil sharpener, bottom of a toaster or toaster oven.

Someone said it was a door knocker. Another said it was a paint tray or part of a vehicle. And someone guess it was "a Waffle maker, where you plug the cord into it!"

Then there were our two favorites: Whatever it is It looks broken & a Rotisserie chicken container!

Now keep in mind, the big clue, aside from the picture itself, is that it is something Cori has in her home studio. The fact that you guys think she's sitting there eating a chicken is awesome. Wrong, but awesome!

The answer to day's "What is that Wednesday" clue is:

What Is That Wednesday Answer 4.22.2020 Cori Skall

The sip spout on the lid of Cori's coffee cup! One you came super close with the guess "Yeti cup lid."

Thank you guys for playing with us this morning.

We're off to scout more objects for next week's edition of What Is That Wednesday! Thanks for playing!

Don't forget to send us your Thank You nominations for tomorrow's Thank You Thursday show! Have a great afternoon!

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