They couldn't wait for their opening date and have opened early!

It's a sure sign of spring when Jimmie's Ice Cream and Grill opens in Brewer!

The announcement came on their Facebook this morning with instant excitement from followers!

One person asked if they have fish, Jimmie's answered they do! So fish and chips is an option for dinner tonight! Other's remarked it was 'a good day'. Needless to say, locals are excited and so are we!

According to Buzzfeed community this is one place to put on your food bucket list. Here are 5 reasons to eat at Jimmie's according to that article.

Jimmie's Ice Cream and Grill opening is just one of many seasonal locations to start opening up as spring returns. Mid March seems to be the typical opening date for many seasonal eateries in the state.

What's your favorite thing to get a Jimmie's?


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