Now this is a shocker.  Something totally unexpected and out of the blue.

Commuters on Broadway in Bangor this morning were surprised to see various for sale signs affixed to John Bapst Memorial High School on the way by.

Yes, those are for sale signs attached to the 93 year-old institution.


Now while we can't find a listing for John Bapst Memorial High School on or Zillow, we have to imagine the asking price is right up there, especially after going through an entire fund raising campaign and then building a brand new gym and fitness center on the campus recently.  The property's really been improved.

Questions abound.

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One has to wonder where the 500 or so students will end up next year.  Remote learning? Maybe under a tent somewhere down by the river?

Meanwhile, while the state and the nation for that matter are in the midst of a smokin' hot real estate market, we wonder if the property will be gone by the end of the day, or if there will be a bidding war.

One also has to wonder where and who the sale $ will go to when the publicly funded school is sold outright to someone in a private sale.  Things seem a little odd, with no realtor involved.

You watch, there'll  probably be an official investigation somewhere down the line.  People will be subpoenaed and called to testify.  It'll be a whole thing.

Or, maybe it's all just a senior prank.  One that creates a few laughs to the passers-bye and a few giggles within the hallways of the school itself for the graduating class.

Yeah, we're betting that's what it is.

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