Wow, Jon just won a big Valentine's Day prize for his honey bunny!

We gave a very excited Jon Ballesteros a call today while he was working at Old Town Canoe to inform him that he had won that $1000 sappphire and diamond bracelet from Quality Jewelers of Bangor, along with gift cards from Damon's Beverage, Hampden Floral and Season's Restaurant!

Jon now has some pretty fabulous gifts to enjoy with Amanda!

Here's what Jon told us about his sweetie:

"We first met back in 2003/04 during our freshman year at USM. She was from Gardiner, and myself from Bangor. We both only attended USM for our freshman year but had become and stayed good friends over the years, chatting every once and while and the occasional visit if we were in the same town. I had always had a crush on her since USM, but she never looked at me in that way. Until we reunited in 2011, that all changed. A spark!

She is now my best friend, and the absolute love of my life! She works as a nurse here in Bangor, and she has so much passion for what she does, and really enjoys helping other people in need. She makes me feel amazing and she supports me in every way. She is my inspiration, my rock, and my best friend."

Awwww, isn't that sweet!  Happy Valentine's Day to both Jon and Amanda, and thanks for listening to I-95!


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