Thanks to the internet, this week's JStew & Cori's Weekly Web Wonder is bound to help you kill time for at least a few minutes today!

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Cori: I have to thank my Facebook Friend Cat for providing the inspiration for this week's offering. She started all of this by posting the "Meep Meep Island in the Sun" video below featuring Beaker on the beach. Now, anyone familiar with The Muppets and the character of Beaker will understand what an auditory delight his voice can be. But put to Weezer's "Island In The Sun" and it's almost a magical fit. Not to mention, the video is quite amusing. From that one video, we went down a fabulous trail of Muppet Music Covers that kept us busy for the better part of an hour. From their iconic cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" to some interesting takes on songs like Nirvana's  "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and even Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"--and those are just the ones we put into this post-- it's always fun to see Muppets singing. Because, let's face it, they're Muppets! You can't tell what they're saying anyway!

JStew: This warms my heart quite a bit, as I've been re-watching The Muppets non-stop on Disney+. Granted, the Beaker dude's outfit is a little odd, but I can let it go for a halfway decent Weezer cover. But yeah.... I'm gonna watch the one with Animal in it like ten times......


If you have never seen the Muppet version of this song, you are in for a treat. In our humble opinion, they did a great job following the feel of the original Queen video.

This Jack Black appearance was definitely an interesting twist on the original. Not sure Barbershop Quartet would have been the first thing we thought of as a method to cover Nirvana! Leave it to The Muppets!

This one is fun, mostly because it features quite a bit of The Swedish Chef!

We encourage you to check out what other "Muppet" versions of songs are out there. These are simply a few that exist. We know, because we've watched WAY more than the few we put in here, so go forth and enjoy your weekend!

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