I was so thrilled to see this today. A family in Michigan had found a dying deer who was giving birth.  They called the warden and when the fawn was born they asked to keep it and he agreed thinking that is wouldn’t survive.  Well, survive Lily did and became a member of the family.  Life was all good until a neighbor complained about them keeping a deer and that’s when the fight began. The family was ordered to surrender the deer, as Michigan law prohibits keeping wildlife as pets.

Desperate to keep their pet they turned to the internet and social media for support. They created a Save Lilly the Deer Facebook Page, LillyTheDeer.com, a petition at Change.org, and a fundraiser at indiegogo.com.

With over $2000 raised through indiegogo, the family defended their position in a Michigan court. Their efforts were rewarded when the judge ruled that the family can keep the pet deer. The ruling comes after weeks of negotiation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

After long and emotional trials with the help and support of social media it has been that the family can keep the pet deer, which they raised. A Michigan judge has made an exception,

Judge Val Washington explains that “given Lilly’s unique circumstances, the deal represents the best possible outcome for her continued health and survival.”

The decision included several provisions that will keep the family compliant with Michigan law. As reported by Fox News, the family must apply for an maintain an Exhibition Class for Lilly.

The permit is $450 per year. Additionally, the family will have to enclose their yard with suitable fencing. Lilly will also have to submit to yearly testing for disease.

The family is thrilled that they can keep the pet deer. They have already paid for the necessary permit and plan to fully cooperate with all requirements. They are looking forward to getting back to “the regular routine” following the emotional battle.

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