Got a sweet tooth?  Then tell us what your favorite candy treat is.

Work related stress?  Maybe an impulse buy as you're looking over the rack while standing in the grocery check-out.  Seems like those bright and colorful wrappers are always within eyesight, tempting us to take a bite of sweet goodness. Sometimes no amount of willpower will stop you.

Halloween and Christmas are months away, but here's your excuse this month - June is National Candy Month.

National Candy Month was started by the National Confectioner's Association, an organization devised to make our waistline expand and our teeth rot out.  Well, not really.  Apparently they're around to "advance, protect and promote chocolate, candy, gum and mints.” 

Hey, whatever, it's hard to resist a good peanut butter cup or a handful of chocolate.  That's all we know, or care to.

So here's the gig.  Take our poll, and tell us what your favorite decadent, mouth-watering, sugary and sweet candy is.  We offer up absolutely no prize or enticement whatsoever to do so.  It's just that inquiring minds want to know.

Leave a comment if you'd like and maybe we'll read it on the air when we announce the results of our poll, providing that our mouth is not full, and our face is not too badly broken out with acne.  If we missed your favorite candy and don't have it listed, worry not, and just write it in.

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