Think you've seen everything?  Well, you're wrong!

They're here in Maine!  As recently seen in your local Hannaford or Shaw's supermarkets.....Lady Gaga Oreo themed cookies have hit the shelves.  Has the Oreo company lost it's mind?  No, it's all about the $.

You see, Lady Gaga has a new album out, and it's titled "Chromatica."  What is "chromatica?"  Damned if we know. But apparently she has teamed up with Oreo to sell a few more of them.

As you can see, the new Lady Gaga themed Oreo cookies come in a really beautiful  pinkish-purpleish chromatic package that stimulates the senses.  Seeing the new packaging immediately catches your eye, just like the bellwether fashion icon would if she were all deck out in some sort of outrageous designer clothing where the top left her exposed breasts out for all to see and walked right up to you asking for a kiss.


The new specially themed Oreos are pink-colored Golden Oreo cookies with a green creme filling, and apparently they're just as good if not better than your basic run-of-the-mill Oreo that's loaded with 40 calories.  At least according to comedian Chris Csnacks Clarke, who told us in his video, "These are good....these are good."

And did we mention that they're vegan?  Well, they are, and so is Lady Gaga.

So anyway, head on out to the corner convenience store and pick up a six-pack of Lady Gaga specially themed Oreo cookies, or head on over to Sam's Club and buy them in bulk.  But whatever you do, don't forget the milk.

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