Where Mt. Desert Narrows meets up with the curves of the Mud Creek Road, travelers through the small town of Lamoine had become very familiar with the residents of this finely crafted and elevated home.

During the rains of this past Tuesday fire broke out when the wetness met up with a vast amount of electricity, sparking flames and then eventually destroying one of the most beloved homes in town.  An osprey nest high above the road atop a utility pole and wrapped around the wires.

Luckily the children weren't at home, they had left earlier this year to find their way through life.  But we're guessing that the owners may have looked on in horror as their labor of love went up in flames.

The home was not insured.

People commented about the tragedy on the Town of Lamoine, Maine Facebook page.

Many expressed their love for their fine-feathered neighbors, telling of picnics by the water just to spend some time admiring the osprey coming and going, and flying high above the water in search of their prey.  Others thought that this would be a good time to erect another platform nearby so that the now homeless couple could relocate while remaining in town.

All were extremely happy that the chicks had safely left beforehand, and more than likely were not aware of what had happened to their childhood home.

But mother nature has a way of replenishing itself, and there is little doubt that the osprey will continue on. More than likely in the town of Lamoine.

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