Not even a week into January, so it is probably too early to start thinking about this.

The 12 days of Christmas just finished. Valentine candy is barely on the store shelves.

But I’m thinking about April 15th and Income Tax.

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Thinking about income tax, thinking but not ready to get everything organized and get a head start on the return just yet.

We are getting a break from the IRS in 2023...A Slight Break.

Thanks to inflation, The Feds have made a change to our Federal taxes.

When you get your first paycheck of this year you will see a little bit more take home money.

The income levels for each tax bracket have been widened. For example, couples making more than $22 grand, but less than $89,450 will pay a 22 percent federal tax rate in 2023.

Without the adjustment made a few months ago in Washington, D.C. the $22 to $89,450 grand couple’s tax rate would have been at 24 percent

So a few more dollars in our pockets. Of course, we all know those few dollars won’t stay in our pockets, we need every dollar we can find just to keep up.

The standard deduction will also increase by $900 for single filers this year to $13,850 before you start paying any tax.

Guess we should take every dollar we can get, but yeah it's too early to start thinking about paying taxes.

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