I think we can all agree on the fact that this year has been abysmal at best. We could all use a little light and cheer in our lives.
One of the things my family looks forward to every holiday season is looking at the houses all decked out in beautiful lights. It's inspiring. It puts a smile on our faces. And best of all this year: It's an entirely "socially distant" activity that doesn't run the risk of getting cancelled! That's a win!
I know at our house, we're planning on plugging in those lights early this year. And we're hoping you will do the same.
We're asking everyone to help us "Light Up Your Town" this year. And we'll do our part by giving out some prizes for the best displays!
We're asking area home and business owners to deck themselves out in their holiday best, and then send their photos to us at or to our 1-95 app.
String up the lights, blow up the inflatable Santa, get out the rooftop robotic Rudolph, whatever... and show us what you got!
We'll load up all the photos at I-95 and the I-95 app for you to check out between now and December 13th, and both one home owner and one business owner with the most holiday awesomeness will EACH WIN $250!
So, slap up some lights, take some killer photos, and LIGHT UP YOUR TOWN WITH I-95!
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