Do you like tacos? We like tacos.

Do you like the I-95 app? We like the I-95 app.

Get this: If you have the free I-95 app, you could win tacos. You heard that correctly.

Just listen to J. Stew and Cori each weekday. During the 7 a.m. hour, Cori will ask her question of the day. (We'll also send it as an app alert so you don't miss it!)

Using our free app, message us with an answer (and feel free to get as creative as you want with your answers!) and you're in the mix for a $10 gift card to Tacorita in Orono.


(Just tap the Message Us button. See it there at the tip of the red arrow?)

Tap the Message Us button to send us a message.
Tap the Message Us button to send us a message.

Actually, tacos are among the many casual Mexican dining options at Tacorita at 2 Mill Street in Orono. See for yourself.

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