It's been in the works since last August, but Little Lad's Herbal Popcorn is about to open a new retail location in Corinth! On their Facebook page, Little Lad's released a video (shot by @leahfleming_1943) announcing the grand opening. They've been teasing it for a red hot minute, even an April Fools video, but sure enough, they'll be kicking out the kernels next week.

I've always been a fan of Little Lads. I love popcorn anyway, but the herbs and spices they put on are what really make it. And of course, my favorite part is when the bag is like two-thirds gone, but all the herb leavings are still in the bottom. So that last part of the bag is over the top flavor intensity, haha.

Sure, you can go to just about any grocery store and find it, but I imagine at this new spot, they'll have flavors you've never heard of, different kinds of products... You can even buy the herbal sprinkle in a shaker to put on your own popcorn at home. Somehow I don't think it'll be as good, though.

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Not that you ever needed an excuse to drive out that way... Heading out Rt. 15 towards Dover is a gorgeous drive any time of year. Except at 3:30 in the morning. I used to make that drive a lot coming home after playing at the Bear's Den in Dover. Deer everywhere, and way too far from home at that hour. I'm surprised I didn't die, haha.

But nevertheless, I definitely plan on heading out when they're all opened up. And you know what'll happen... My wife and I will buy all kind of different stuff, and open up everything on the way home. We'll probably end up skipping dinner that night after getting full on popcorn, and whatever other awesome new things I can get to try.

If you see me there, and I'm covered in popcorn dust, please don't judge me too harshly. I'll try not to do the same. Oh, and if I just wave instead of saying hello, it's because I'd end up blowing all kinds of kernels into your face. Nobody wants that, amirite?!

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