Little Peters is 17 years old and resides in Lee, yup, somewhere off of Route 6 just outside of Lincoln, and he's got a great tool that will help us put hair on our bodies, not to mention fertilize the garden.  It's Moxie.

Little Peters gives us all advice on how to use Moxie wisely, like cracking a cold one in the morning, and that "if you're not already a man, it will turn you into a man."

He's got that familiar Maine accent that we all know and love, which comes in handy while giving away the recipe to Maine's official soft drink, "dirty dishwater and motor oil."  Yeah, I don't think that he'll be doing any commercials for Moxie, if indeed there are any.

Anyway, watch the video, and see if either you or Little Peters can kept a straight face throughout it.