Mother Nature says thank you!  Way to go guys!

While fishing off the coast of Schoodic Point sometime last week, fishermen John Chipman Jr. and Kevin Meaney came  across an odd sight, a very tired Bald eagle trying its best to swim.

The guys could tell that the bird had been in the water for quite some time because it was acting very tired and beat up.

Using good old Maine ingenuity, the two along with a friend, used a board and a life preserver to bring the very cold and wet bird aboard. They then called the Warden Service and proceeded to make their way to Bunker's Harbor.

After a while when they were getting close to land, the one eyed eagle decided that enough was enough, and flew away.

All three said that when they were hoisting the bird aboard it looked right at them.  You know it was saying "thank you!"

And we thank everyone for doing such a good job!

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