Have you ever wished there was a way to buy a meal for a person in need instead of handing out money? The Pay It Forward opportunity being offered intown Bangor does just that.  So what does this mean? According to their Facebook page Tea and Tarts will not only let you buy a vouchers for a drink or a meal that a person in need has only to ask for to be helped. They also are promising to match all the the community donates.

Here's how it works:

You can purchase a $2, $5 or $10 voucher at the restaurant.

For $2 you will give someone in need a hot cup of coffee or tea to warm up during the cold months ahead.

For $5 give someone in need of a meal a sandwich.

For $10 you can give someone struggling a full entree and a tea or coffee.

Tea and Tarts Restaurant is located at 20 State Street in Bangor. Wouldn't it be great is other eateries got inspired and hopped on board.

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