In this digital age why actually nut up and talk to someone in person?  That's right, smart successful players take a shot in the dark and post their attractions on Craig's List.

So here is what we found and assembled for your pleasure from stuff posted on Craig's List under "Missed Connections" this past week.  Yes Virginia, these people really do exist.

We've taken the time out of our busy day to do this for you, so when you're perusing through this month's edition of AARP magazine, take a moment to smell the roses, because chances are these folks won't be needing them anytime soon.

Titled Brewer Hannaford:

"Working the meat counter, I stood back and looked for a bit while you waited on someone else, then I ordered the shaved steak, but wanted to keep looking so I ordered something else. Hope you see this as I would really like to see more. I can be very discrete so if your interested hit me up with what color my jacket was or something you remember."

Titled Long Hair In Ellsworth:

"I used to see a woman from time to time in Ellsworth who had the most gorgeous long hair. You reminded me of what a modern day helen must be to her Paris. I'm not looking to find you, I only wish to catch a simple glimpse of you again sometime"

Titled Mark S:

"You've been cheating on your wife for years. Two small kids, always traveling for work, and meeting women off Craigslist and hosting them in your hotel. I hope you see this and realize how many lives you've ruined!  Scumbag."

Titled Bangor Wal-Mart around 1030am:

"So I'm just cruising around Walmart and I saw this girl like multiple, multiple times mostly in the food section .Really short maybe 4'8 tall (guessing), long, dirty blond hair and just perfect. Wearing jeans. Wanted to say something soo bad but couldnt muster up the courage even though I am pretty bold. Sooo adorable and yummy (-: We smiled at each other a few times and caught each other checking each other out I think. If on the outside chance you see this PLEASE drop me a line. Was hoping to maybe catch you in the checkout line or outside to say hi but no such luck. Lets get to know each other (-: "

Titled Elton John concert:

"Any females that went to the concert. Let me know what you thought. I thought it was great. There was a girl with a ponytail in front of me that was gorgeous. I wanted to say hi and give her my number. Well if you were there lets talk."

Titled Brewer Wal-Mart 11/9:

"Saw you on you way in wow I'm speakless and then saw you browsing the make up area I tried to make eye contact with you if you happen to see this and wanna chat tell me what you were wearing or what color your hair is so I know its you"









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