Authorities are looking into a string of alleged burglaries in the town of Carmel, all involving motor vehicles.

The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office released a statement Tuesday morning warning Carmel residents to lock up their cars and trucks. They're also asking that anyone with information regarding the alleged break-ins contact.

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"Deputies are currently investigating several random incidents in the area of the Irish Road. If anyone has any information or video footage of suspicious vehicles in the area, please contact our office at (207) 947-4585. You can submit information to ' Submit a Tip 'on our mobile app.' "

Authorities go on to recommend not only making sure vehicles are locked and keys removed but also removing any valuables you might have in your car or truck, as well.

You could take it a step further and get some sort of anti-theft device, but most law enforcement agencies agree that the first and one of the best steps to preventing the theft of your belongings from a vehicle or even your home, is to lock up and keep things that might tempt people out of sight.

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