If you're looking to hit the ice this winter, the Maine Fishing Guide and Fishing Report are full of places, that are full of prized catches.

Whether you're new to the area, new to the sport, or looking for some new places to wet a line, there's lots to choose from in the Maine Fishing Guide. The guide is compiled by regional fisheries biologists who have pulled together a listing of some of the best inland fishing spots. It also includes freshwater fishing tips, resources, and advice.

The guide divides the state into regions. In each section, the resource breaks down bodies of water by the fish species that inhabit it. Each listing includes locations of public water access, water depth, and where to find it in your Delorme atlas.

Another resource for anglers is checking the MDIFW Fishing Report. Like the Maine Fishing Guide, the Fishing Report splits the state up by region, lists quality fishing holes, and provides the most up-to-date fishing news and suggestions from Maine’s fisheries biologists. What makes this an excellent resource for ice fishing is their list of small bodies of water that typically freeze-over first.


Before you hit the ice, be sure to check the 2021 fishing law book for rules and bag limits for the particular location.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife set February 13 and 14 as Free Family Fishing Days. On these designated days anyone can fish in Maine waters without a license. The event gives Mainers an opportunity to try the sport without having to purchase a fishing license.

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