It's been a nutty week for driving.

With all the crazy weather from the last several days, it's made driving anywhere kind of a risk. ON my way home from work, I'd see cars off the road, fender benders, and the like. Or I'd see the aftermath of a rollover on the highway. There are so many places where one wrong move can send you off the road, or worse.

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But in the Bangor area, there seems to be ten places that have it worse than all the others. Let's be real though, first and foremost, most accidents are caused by people who weren't really paying attention, in one form or other. Sometimes, location plays into that as well. Whether the spot causes the distraction or adds to it, location can certainly be a factor.

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Where are some of the worst spots?

Car crash in urban street with black car

Lots of spots, like Hancock and Oak Streets for example. Where they meet, is a spot that can be a tricky turn. Two lanes go left, and one goes straight/right. Sometimes people get confused at to where the lanes go, some people in the other direction run the light trying to squeeze through, but it can definitely be a pain. Literally.

Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

And honestly, any place out by the mall can be crazy. Between the multiple lanes and turns off both sides of the road to various businesses, it makes for quite a hectic time. Plus, all the on and off ramps around the mall on I-95. They're the worst. People cut each other off, or won't let people merge, or people who are merging just don't stop at all.

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I have to say though, the worst location for crashes around Bangor won't really come as a surprise to some people, yet at the same time, it's probably not the one that would jump to the front of people's minds. But this spot's had dozens and dozens of crashes. Keep scrolling, because you'll find the #1 spot below. In the meantime though, please drive safely. Even when others won't.

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