This has nothing to do with the little bit of snow coming soon.

We've been lulled into this false sense of security, almost wanting to believe that global warming has finally had its way with us, and that winter no longer exists. While I do agree that current winters in Maine are nothing like they were 100 years ago, we haven't gotten rid of them altogether just yet.

Car buried in snow

Even in recent years, we still get the occasional large storms, or big winds, or rain... Heck, we had a record cold snap just last winter, so winter still has some use for Maine overall. Even this week, we're due for a few inches to finish out our weekend. But next weekend, it looks like it's going to go hard.

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The forecast looks kinda nuts, I gotta say.

So I've been looking at the weather app on my phone, which is produced by, and I've also cross-referenced it with the National Weather Service, although the forecast on their website isn't as robust. But the info on comes from the NWS, so it's all a wash.


What's not a wash, is that the forecast is predicting that starting on the evening of Friday 1/12, we'll get 3-5 inches of snow overnight. But here's where it gets a bit nutty. Saturday and Sunday, and even into Monday morning, we could pile on another foot. And, the snow isn't going to stop until sometime on Tuesday.

So it could very well snow for 4 days straight.

Worse, it could easily leave behind the better part of 20 inches of snow. This could be the storm that finally makes it feel like winter has arrived. So maybe start getting the bread and the milk now, and beat everyone to the punch. Why get entangled in that toilet paper and milk apocalypse?

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paul prescott

Or, nothing may happen at all. More than once, we Mainers have been pulled into the idea that we're going to get a huge storm, just to end up with less than a quarter of what was predicted. So ultimately, we'll have to wait and see...

We all have our opinions, let's see what others think...

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