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Here is something totally adorable to send you off into the upcoming weekend! This amazing video captures a Maine Black Bear scrathcing an itch on a pole, and it hilariously falls over and catches itself in the nick of time. This video is so vivid and crystal clear, we thought it was fake at first, but it's real and it's pretty awesome. I had to watch it three times before I noticed leaves blowing from the wind, because I wasn't sure if it was in fact, legit. Amusingly, the person who uploaded this to YouTube, goes by the name of "Maine Woodsbooger" Not sure, why but for some reason that made me chuckle. Either way, they captured a rare glimpse at a Maine Black Bear just being itself.

The Bangor Daily News also posted an additonal video of the same large, 300-pound female black bear with her cubs on a mountainside near Upton, Maine, rockin that pole a few weeks ago. it's truly an "awwwww" type of moment that we could all use right about now,

The black bear is the smallest of the three species of bears in America. They are the only bear living in the Eastern United States. In Maine, black bears are found nearly statewide, but are most common in northern and eastern Maine and are rarely found in the heavily settled southern and central coastal regions.

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