Ever felt like just letting it all hang out, regardless of who's watching?  Of course you have, and for good reason.

When recent video of Sgt. Steve Thibodeau of the Scarborough Police Department surfaced showing him dancing in front of an inflatable air dancer on the side of the road at a recent fuel rally, we could only think of a couple of things.

What a cool way to release a little tension and create a smile for one's self and the people watching both in person and online.

And, with times like these, this could be anyone of us at any given moment, with or without a tube-man as a partner.

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Yes, it's been a long road throughout this pandemic, now at pretty much a year long. Not only that but, we've also just lived through isolation, political strife, job loss and lower wages, shortages at the grocery store, an insurrection, sickness, death, and the lack of a family hug.

So who could blame anyone at this point for losing control for a moment and dancing with an inflatable tube-man on the side of some city street.  It could be any one of us at this point.

But this time is was a very jovial and limber cop with no regard for what could be an apparent pending appointment at the chiropractor's office to be cracked into conformity once again.  Good for him. He took hold of it and seized the moment.

This is what we all need now.  A laugh.  A chuckle and a grin produced by an Maine officer in black on full public display with a moral assignment to be part of the community and to make it just a little bit better if not for that moment.

It's a community that's been through a lot, and one that has been once again reminded, to smile.


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