We've all been there.... You're riding down any given road, and some schmuck in front of you has a two foot pile of snow atop their car. And at some point some, if not all, that stupid snow comes flying at your car. Either in the form of powder blowing off it, or worse, sheets of ice come screaming at your windshield.

But here in Maine, there's no recourse for such a travesty. Sure, you could try and snag the plate number off the car in front of you, but you'll likely be distracted by your busted windshield, or at least trying not to go off the road. And then, how do you totally prove it? It'd be nice if the issue was dealt with ahead of time, right?

Representative Dustin White (R-Mars Hill), is working on introducing a bill that would finally make it illegal to have that huge mound of snow on top of your vehicle. But will it get any traction? This idea has been floated through our state legislature before. Almost as many times as repealing Daylight Saving Time, hahaha.

But really... It's a great idea, with many valid points. Rep. White said this to WGME - TV13...

I've also heard from a couple constituents who have had recent accidents where snow and ice came off on the interstate and smashed through their windshield and almost caused an accident. Everybody thinks already that this is against the law but there's nothing in statute currently.

New Hampshire has a similar law in place, but anecdotally speaking, it seems the law hasn't done much to deter people from doing it, nor has it led to a flurry of citations from N.H. law enforcement. So it may just end up being a lot of hoo-ha. Especially in this day and age where everyone thinks their way is the best way, all the time.

We can probably all agree, this would benefit Mainers. But, we all have a healthy dose of skepticism that it will actually get legs. Rep. White hopes that it will at least bring awareness to the issue. In my humble opinion.... Don't count on it. I'll let you know next time I'm behind some car's snow monster. It won't take long....

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