Earlier this week a local group of emergency services workers went the extra mile for a young lady who lives in their town.

As they typically do, these fine folks showed up for duty, ready to go above and beyond for the members of their community. Only this time lives weren't on the line...but one little girl's birthday present was.

The men and women who make up the Milford Fire/Rescue Department are "a combination of career/on-call" folks who provide that town with fire, rescue, and medical services in emergency situations.

They posted this on the Milford Fire/Rescue Facebook Page,

"Milford Fire Rescue responded to a local residence and found out that a young lady’s bike needed to be assembled before her birthday!"

Members of the rescue crew took the little girl's birthday present back to the station, and carefully, and with great heart, assembled the beautiful pink bike for one lucky Milford kid.

Bike Assembly 1, Milford Fire & Rescue
Bike Assembly 1, Milford Fire & Rescue

It's things like this, the often unnoticed but oh-so-appreciated (to those on the receiving end of this special kindness) that help to renew people's faith in humanity.

This crew, who stand ready to show up and run towards the things most of us would run away from, took a moment out of their day to help solve a different kind of problem. It may not have had the risks or danger that their typical calls involve, but the stakes were still high, at least to one young lady, whose birthday was likely made by their efforts.

Bike Assembly 2, Milford Fire & Rescue
Bike Assembly 2, Milford Fire & Rescue

This story is not necessarily unique. My guess is that at fire and rescue departments across the state and even the country, stories like this pop up from time to time, they just may not ever make it beyond the people in these situations.

But they should. This is what's right with the world. This is what's good.

Thank you Milford Fire & Rescue, and all the other amazing EMS folks who go above and beyond to make the communities in which they work and live, a better place to be.

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