There are those property owners that allow people to hike, snowmobile and hunt on their land.  Now's the time to volunteer and pay them back!

In your travels across these landowner's properties, you may have encountered "illegal dumping", where anything from old appliances to garbage have been discarded by someone other than the owner.

This Sunday, September 9th, is Landowner's Appreciation Day, a yearly event held by the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Maine Forest Service!  It's a statewide event where you and a team clean  can show the private landowners of Maine just how much you really appreciate them by cleaning up, according to a press release.

Your club or organization can still enter the event by calling 1-207-287-5240 and speaking with Virginia Vincent, or e-mail her at

Be ready to provide the following info:

  • Club /organization name, (amount in group that will be participating)
  • Area of the state where you will be willing to help
  • Contact person & phone number, e-mail address
  • Clean up sites that you will be working on such as towns, locations, landowners, etc.

Maine Warden and Forest Service staff will have selected sites available for clean up as well via the email address listed above.

Here's a big time bonus, your team could win stuff from the Kittery Trading Post!  All loads of trash will be measured by pick-up truck load, at one of the designated drop off spots by Warden Service or Forest Service personnel.  Then, you'll be in the running for one of these prizes!

  • 1st place prize $1000.00 gift card to KTP
  • 2nd place prize $750.00 gift card to KTP
  • 3rd place prize $500.00 gift card to KTP
  • 4th place prized $250.00 gift card to KTP

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