If you asked 100 different people their thoughts on marriage, you might be surprised to get 100 different answers. Well, that's not totally true, but you will get a pretty wide variety of answers that will always range from "you'll never see a ring on this finger" to "I can't imagine life without my partner in crime", and everything in between.

In my own case, I met my wife about 10 years before we ever started dating. And I have plenty of documented proof that I had an ongoing crush on her in various degrees in the years that followed. But the timing was always off. Whenever I was single, she was not, and vice versa. But eventually, we got it all figured out.

Sometimes though, things happen in your life and you just can't wait one minute longer. COVID has certainly done that for a lot of folks. Soooo many people had wedding plans that were nixed this year and they decided to wait, while others either had smaller weddings, and some just went to their local town hall, and tied the knot right there.

But what if your wedding plans got sidetracked by a hospital visit? That's what happened to Carl (no last name because hospital, HIPPA, privacy, etc.) and his bride-to-be Sandra. They were supposed to tie the knot last week, and got sidetracked by Carl having to enter the hospital unexpectedly, according to a Facebook post from Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

But these two love birds couldn't wait even one second longer, so with the cooperation nursing staff and a hospital chaplain, Carl and Sandra said their "I-do's" right there in Carl's room. But seriously, could this couple look more in love?! Do they look they remotely care that they're doing it this way? Not at all. I see nothing but pure joy.

But just in case you love to cry at weddings..... As Carl said his vows, he removed his oxygen to speak to his bride without obstruction, capped it all off, by taking Sandra's hand and saying, "our honeymoon is going to last forever!" Ugh... right in the feels. Sssshhh..... I'm not crying, you are!

Sometimes in life, you have to live in the moment. Sometimes the future is uncertain, or sometimes it's so certain, you have to roll with the runaway train that is your love. It looks like in Carl in Sandra's case, they didn't want to wait for anything, and I can't blame them one bit.

When times are good, you can do whatever you want. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And then other times, you just have to take your dream girl by the hand, and marry her on the spot.

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