You've read the headlines, and you've seen the line of vehicles at food distribution points on the TV news at night.  14.7% of Americans are now unemployed, and many families here in Maine are now hungry during this pandemic.

One time working men and woman across Maine have been laid off, furloughed, and fired, as COVID-19 takes it's toll not only on human lives but on the economy.  If you are fortunate to still have an income, might you consider donating $ to feed someone and their family who don't?

The Good Shepard Food Bank continues to provide healthy food to local food pantries for free, but grocery stores and other retail operations are not donating as much as they would normally do to the Food Bank because of the pandemic.

Good Shepard is now buying more and more of the food that it distributes at significant cost.  In our area this food is distributed by the Good Shepard Food Bank facility in Hampden to local food providers like Loaves & Fishes in Ellsworth and the Bar Harbor Food Pantry on Mount Desert Island.

Help those in your community by making a monetary donation at

There is absolutely no doubt, someone and their family will appreciate your donation.  It only takes a small amount to purchase enough food to feed a family for a week.  Please help.

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