The crimes task force unit would consist of 4 agents from the Maine Drug Enforcement agency.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the new cannabis crimes unit would focus on making sure that new marijuana businesses are abiding by the new laws, testing product correctly, locate plants grown illegally, and look for black market sales to children.

Maine will pony up $649,000 for the new unit if eventually approved.  The money will come from the tax of marijuana sales and licensing revenue.

Some state representatives agree with the unit's creation so that new marijuana businesses that include growers, processors and retailers adhere to the laws.  Other representatives see it as a force to shut down the black market, which include those that have been supplying pot illegally for years.  Opponents of the proposal also say that Maine should be helping new businesses along rather than trying to prosecute them as they get started.

Recreational use of marijuana became legal in Maine back on January 1st, 2017.  Other than medicinal pot dispensaries, retail marijuana businesses still have not opened in Maine.

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