As Mainers, we've heard all sorts of good slang.

Ironically, one that didn't make this list that was always a favorite in my house growing up was describing something as "drier than a popcorn fart." This could be an overcooked steak, or it could be your skin in the middle of winter. Just about anything that could be described as "dry" often had popcorn farts attached. At least in our house.


I think all this is especially true if you grow up in the same house as your grandparents. Mainers often have multiple generations all under one roof. I grew up in the same house as my grandparents, and I heard things all the time. My grandmother was fond of all the old weather forecasting sayings. "Rain before 7:00, clear by 11:00..." That sort of thing.

What's amazing is how many of them there are.

I found a thread on Reddit, and it was immense. There were hundreds of comments. Plus, there were everyone's variations on the same ideas. Many people had many different uses for the phrase "stove up". Although ultimately, they all spelled some kind of disaster. There was definitely not enough gratuitous use of the word "frig". It's so underrated in this context...

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Fernando Dias Silva

So maybe it's time to just let you bask in the glory of this well-curated list of the highlights from the Reddit thread. But, that has some gold in there that people use all the time, but I left out for the good of the general public. But if you're feeling saucy, head over and check out the whole thing. But for now... enjoy the highlights.

So how many of these phrases do you use on the regular?

Wicked Big List of Maine Slang Terms

You've heard them all, but all in one place?

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