Shoveling snow is the worst.

And I mean that for all snow removal methods. Whether you're using a snow blower or just the old, trusty shovel, snow just sucks. Over my lifetime, I've lived through all forms. As a kid, I had to shovel constantly. I was basically child snow labor. We owned a snow blower, but for some reason, we hardly ever used it.

A man shown from the waist down, starting up his snow blower in the winter

As I got older, I got a snow blower of my own, and eventually just bit the bullet and got a plow guy. I do admit, I feel like a billionaire every time the plow guy shows up. Pretty much, I just have to shovel the walkway. It feels like I won. But in my blowing and shoveling days, I used to have my "techniques" for making it eaiser.

In my opinion, multiple passes are the way.

As a novice, I always used to wait until the snow had finished before I went out. Even with the snowblower, trying to navigate that huge, chunky, wall left by the plow is useless. And then I remember there was a really biiiig storm and I waited until it ended. Bad idea. It took like 3+ hours to do the job.

Little Girl Digging Snow with Toy Shovel

So personally, I'm always going to be a proponent of the multiple passes. But, as you can imagine, here in Maine the opinion is fairly divided on how it should be done. some folks agree with me, others just don't see the point in the extra work. But hey, don't take my word for it. Let's let Mainers speak for themselves.

I saw this thread on Reddit, and noticed people were oddly passionate about what they thought was the right way to deal with snow. And really, it's highly subjective. So there's really no right or wrong answer. But for me, I'd rather move 4 inches of snow three times, than a foot of snow all at once. But let's scope the consensus...

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