We love it when our furry four-legged Maine State Troopers are protected!

Check out the brand new body armor that Maine State Police Department’s K-9s Odin & Barry are wearing today!  This is so cool that both Odin & Barry are a lot more protected while on duty today than they were yesterday!

Police dogs are usually the first ones sent into a VERY dangerous situation, and memories are still very fresh of Nero, the police K-9 from Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Back in April of last year, Nero was sent into an attic in search of a fugitive.  Nero was shot and wounded badly.  His partner, Officer Sean Gannon was shot and killed.

One can not forget the hundreds of Officers and their K-9 partners from all over the country lining up on the side of the road as Officer Gannon's funeral procession drove by. Watch the video HERE, just amazing footage.

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