Homework is the worst, amirite?!

When I was a kid, I kiiiiinda hated school. The classes I did like, I actually did very well in. If I found a class boring, or out of my league smarts-wise, I mentally checked right out of that class and often failed. Honestly, it's a wonder that I even graduated. But somehow I did and didn't even end up with a thoroughly shameful GPA.

Turns out, I may have actually had something to be upset about. I always thought it was my imagination that my pile of homework seemed a bit absurd. If there's one thing that will turn a kid off to learning, it's piles of extra work. I suppose you have to be ready for college, but still..... let's be real. Homework is a drag and takes forever.

Does Maine actually get that much more?

Yes, in fact. According to a post from PlaygroundEquipment.com that I saw on Reddit, Maine has the 2nd highest amount of daily homework in the United States, with an average of almost 108 minutes of homework each night for high school students. We're second only to Vermont, which has 110 minutes a day.

In elementary school students, Maine also ranks second with some 55 minutes per day. Maine ranks second behind California. By comparison, the lowest is Wisconsin. They're youngsters get only 46 minutes per day. In terms of high school, the lowest is Illinois, which only gives about 80 minutes per day. That's almost half an hour less than Maine.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The answer to that question is well above my pay grade (no pun intended). But speaking from my own personal experience, there's got to be a better way. Granted, colleges pile on the homework, and students need to be ready for that, but it still seems like a lot. I'm sure if you polled a bunch of Maine students, they'd all say about the same thing.....

No more pencils, no more books......

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