In real life, no one sleeps worse than I do.

I struggle a lot with sleep. Like, more than most people should. Although I don't have sleep apnea or anything like that, I have sooooo much trouble staying asleep. I can fall asleep like a champ, but usually a few hours later, I'm wide awake. There are times I'll go to bed at like, 9:30pm, and I'm awake for the day at 11:45pm. It's brutal.

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So when I came across a recent study that implied Mainers sleep better than almost everyone in the country, I felt particularly singled out. It just amplified my own personal issues about sleep. But, judging by the way my wife can sleep through a B-52 bomber landing on our roof, I'm not totally surprised we're deep sleepers.

Maine is among the Top 5 states for a good night's sleep.

Fell into profound sleep

Really, it's probably because we're all so relaxed most of the time. Well, except when we're driving a car. Then Mainers are the worst, haha. Hawaii takes the top spot for the whole US, but we're not too far off at #5. Massachusetts and Vermont were the only ones in New England who were ahead, but the also rounded out the Top 3, according to MattressNextDay.

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All this was based on things like noise pollution, mental health, stress, and temperature, among other criteria. All things which, in Maine, are in fair balance. Sure, we have some crime in Maine, especially in the more urban areas. On the other hand, those areas of Maine are likely getting the worst sleep within the state.


Who are the worst sleepers?

Right at the top was Alaska. The biggest reason I think, is their unbalanced day/night schedule. Alaska has long stretches of both in some areas. Southern states didn't fare well, in general. California and Oregon didn't do much better. But luckily, we're pretty far removed from all that stuff. We're just living our best lives over here.

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I have to say though, this new information is pretty discouraging. Not that I don't want people to sleep, I just didn't want to feel so alone in my plight, haha. But in the meantime, I'll keep trying all the strips and sprays and whatever else, to try and snag some Zzzz's. But until then, get some for me!

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