Yup. It's only February and there's already a reason to hate ticks.

I mean, there's always a reason to hate ticks. If one had to pick actual scourges of the Earth, ticks would certainly be pretty close to the top. What do they do? Literally, the only thing they seem to exist for, is to be food for the next predator up the food chain. I suppose on a universal scale that's important, but I ain't buying it.

But here we are, and a simple perusal of the internet today yields an article I found pointing out that Maine is in the Top 10 states in all the U.S. that you're likely to catch Lyme Disease. And where, oh where does pretty much every case of Lyme Disease in Maine come from. Yup, the ticks.

Some places have it worse than we do.

In the grand scheme of things, we came in at #10. Not too bad, but not great. As far as counties across the U.S., Maine's own Cumberland County had 354 confirmed cases of Lyme Disease. The worst spot was Chester County, PA. They had 470 cases. But Maine also appeared a couple times in the Top 20, according to this survey from just before Covid. So we're still not awesome.

Here we are in February, with nothing but more solid reasons to absolutely hate the crap out of ticks.

York and Kennebec Counties also had hundreds of cases each. So it all really makes us look forward to spring.... those magical months between late March and July. Ugh. At least there's usually a small respite in the summer months, and then back at it in the fall. And come on, sadly we all know someone who's had Lyme Disease at this point. You literally can't get away from it.

Which brings us back to the starting point. Here we are in February, with nothing but more solid reasons to absolutely hate the crap out of ticks. Normally I don't advocate for such things, but hating ticks is awesome. Join the fun.

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