I was baptized Methodist when I was a kid.

We went to church when I was young. I think we stopped going in junior high, because my mom got tired of arguing with me about going. Especially after my sister went off to college. There was no one to take some of the heat off, and I think Mom just simply got tired of arguing about it. I hated Sunday school, and the service was way over my head.


I have to say, our minister, Rev. Landon Summers, was awesome. He was young and cool, and he gave sermons with great life lessons. But I wanted to sleep in. I wanted to hang with the other neighborhood kids who didn't go to church. Once we stopped, I never went back. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know.

Apparently, Mainers these days don't like it any better now.

Actually, it would seem New England in general has given up on church. New Hampshire and Massachusetts are the least religious states, but Maine comes right in at a solid #4. Vermont sits in between. And Connecticut is #5. In fact, the top 5 are all N.E. states. Except for Rhode Island. They still go a lot of the time.


Churches across Maine are seeing their numbers dwindle over time. Often times, the reason some churches seem busy, is because several others have closed. My mother in law's church only has about two dozen members left, and they wonder all the time how they're going to keep it going. It's sad.

But honestly, I'm not ready to give up my Sundays yet. And just because people don't go to church doesn't mean they don't believe in God or aren't spiritual people. It just means maybe church isn't for them. Or in Maine's case, it isn't for a lot of people.

Which ones are in Maine?

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