I'm all for a good poll, but sometimes they're ridiculous.

I especially have a thing against any kind of online poll. I feel like you're inviting too many people outside the realistic spectrum of information you're trying to gather. Like, if I wanna know the ice cream that Mainers love most, I don't really give a flying truck about what someone from Ohio might think we love. It's not relevant.

But if you're putting together a list of things Mainers love to say, maybe run it by an actual Mainer. This list from MatadorNetwork.com couldn't be any more off-base. I'm reading through, and the more I read, the angrier I get. I think this was put together by someone from away, maybe from New England at best.

Some of these apply more Canadians, in my opinion.

For instance, the first time I ever heard gratuitous use of the word "greasy", as in shady, was on Trailer Park Boys. In all my years, I've typically only heard Mainers use that term to mean slippery roads. I've also never heard someone eccentric being described as "a rig". Like, what?! I'm assuming they didn't think any Mainers would read this. Like maybe it was a list of Maine-isms to make a bunch of people from New York chuckle.

Sure, I've used the term "up the road a piece" dozens of times in my life. Not once have I ever heard anyone call a midnight snack "bed lunches". Who made this crap up? Have you ever been in trouble and said you were "stuck in a gaum"? Me neither. I've also never called taking out the trash, "taking out the culch".

You wanna make a list of things we say, buddy? At least try to get it right. This sounds like a bunch of made-up words they decided no one would fact-check. Or they asked another New Yorker all the "Maine" words they know. Either way. Totally disappointing to see. Would not recommend. 0/10.

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