If you qualified for the Homestead Exemption in 2019, then State Treasurer Henry Beck will be sending along a check of $102.

From a State of Maine press release this morning, "An Act to Return Funds to Maine Property Taxpayers requires the Maine Office of the State Treasurer (OST) to provide tax relief payments of no less than $100 to qualifying homesteads, when the Property Tax Relief Fund reaches a threshold of funding to support the payments. In 2019, this threshold will be met based on available funds divided by the number of homesteads net of expenses to administer the program."

So, at this moment, the State Treasurer is anticipating an average payment of $102 will be mailed out to homeowners that qualified for the Homestead Exemption this coming January or February.

Beck said in the press release that "Maine people made clear they want property tax relief. Speaker Gideon's bipartisan legislation will provide over $30 million in direct relief to Maine homeowners. Combined with Governor Mills' budget to dramatically increase revenue sharing and also raise the homestead exemption, this meaningful program delivers on real property tax relief for Maine people."

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