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For real. It's like having a birthday right next to Christmas. Maine is a big frikkin' deal, and it's birthday should be a momentous occasion, right? Nope. St. Party's Day shuts down our true roots. Everyone would rather be Irish for a day, than be a real Mainer when she needs us most.

It's almost irony that Maine's birthday falls on the Ides of March, notably the day Julius Caesar was executed. Maine gets stabbed right in the birth of it's statehood over St. Patrick's Day... Then all day on the 15th, people just put up the fake-witty Caesar memes... Never mind the day before is Pi Day. Just another new kid on the block, going after our Dirigo thunder....

Maine's last couple birthdays have been even rougher than usual.

Maine's actual bicentennial was pretty much squashed right out of the gate by this brand new virus wreaking havoc on the world. Ditto for the following year when everything was going to be moved to. And here we are in 2022, and no one cares anymore. No parades. No fanfare.

And 202 is a total throw away year. There's nothing monumental about it. It's not a milestone birthday. I'm between 45 and 50. Literally no one will care about my birthday again for a couple years. Then what, another decade before anyone cares again? Poor Maine is going to have to wait til like, 2070 before anyone really will care again. That's pretty sad.

If not this year, maybe next, we just give St Patrick's Day a break and give Maine's birthday the recognition it deserves. Sure, it'll be Number 203, but we'll just make it an event. No random chunk of land we all live in, separated by imaginary lines, should ever have to feel that we don't care. Let's step it up in 2023.


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