Face it, it's going to take forever to eat that big buck.  Consider donating a portion of it to a family that has nothing to eat tonight.

Several Maine agencies, including the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Game Wardens, Marine Patrol, and State Police, teamed up back in 1996 with various meat processors and food pantries to create the Hunters For The Hungry Program.

It's pretty simple. If you shoot a deer, moose, or bear, you can donate all or a portion of your kill to feed those that are hungry, right here in Maine!  They even accept roadkill.

Call 207-287-7513 to donate.  Or, you may be able to do it right where you have your fill processed, providing that place is part of the network of processors.  There is absolutely no cost to the hunter, including meat processing.  Someone would even come and pick it up!

Even if you decide to keep a portion of your kill, you can donate the rest to this program.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry distribute the donations to food pantries and various other places affiliated with The Emergency Food Assistance Program here in Maine.




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