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Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash - Money, by Pink Floyd

For one reason or another the State of Maine may be holding money owed to YOU!  Here's how to find out.

Maybe you overpaid a bill one time and then moved to another town.  Maybe a relative passed and whomever couldn't track you down to inform you of an inheritance.  Yes, if you've ever hired a lawyer for whatever reason, this is one of the things that they'll do for you without ever asking, because it's pretty much standard procedure.

Whatever the reasons are, millions of dollars are sitting in the State of Maine's account just waiting to be claimed.  At this moment, the State of Maine Treasurer's Office is holding over $261 MILLION in unclaimed funds and property, and it's real easy to see if anything is owed to YOU!

Well, now give me money (that's what I want)
Whole lot of money (that's what I want) - Money, by Barrett Strong

What can it hurt to see?  Try it now HERE!

All you have to do is enter your first and last name, town that you live in, or the towns that you once lived in, and your zip code.

A list of names will appear and maybe your name or a family member's  is on it!

Instructions are provided on the site as to how to claim your $.  Seems simple enough.


Come on, come on, love me for the money
Come on, come on, listen to the moneytalk, - Moneytalks, by AC/DC

We've had co-workers and friends take the few seconds that it takes to find out, and they've walked away smiling and with a handful of cash. So not only search for yourself, but make sure that you search using names of living family members and also those that are no longer with us, because you just never know.

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