Something new is available to help Mainers in trouble and that is the availability getting the help of 911 via texting on your smartphone. 

This is a new video released by The Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau to get the word out that you can text 911 in an emergency through a new Public Service Announcement. There are really only a few simple rules they’d like people to consider before they text instead of calling 911 which is their preferred style of communication if you are in trouble unless:

  • You can't physically talk due to a medical issue or if talking would put you in danger.
  • An intruder is in your house and calling 911 might tip them off to where you are hiding from them.
  • You are in a domestic abuse situation where things might escalate if your abuser knew you were contacting 911.

So the long and short of their advice is call 911 if you can, but if you can't, text. When you text, a 911 dispatcher will answer just like when you call and they will still need to know things like your address, the phone number you're texting from and what is happening. Stay calm, stay focused and stay on the line.

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